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    We appreciate your feedback. We do not currently have plans to roll back the update to exact match, which included synonyms/implied words/same search intent. Our algorithms are constantly learning to improve the matching quality and we closely track close variant performance. For many advertisers, we have seen lower CPAs and higher CTRs for EEM compared to True Exact. It should also be noted that we will prefer true exact matches over any close variant where applicable. We will continue to monitor close variant quality as well as incorporate your feedback into our planning around any algorithm changes. We encourage you to continue to open support tickets if you are dissatisfied with the traffic your campaigns are receiving.

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    Ben, the admin, appears to be missing the point. OP has a point, MS Ads is taking bottom of the funnel keywords and matching them to ambiguous searches and calling it similar intent. Buy sticky coffee is pretty **** targeted and the intent of the searcher is obvious. Sticky toffee is not targeted at all, do they want a recipe or what? Seriously, all you MS Ads folk need to do is look at the Bing SERPs to see that they are not the same intent, even Bing's search algo gets that. 'Buy sticky toffee pudding' returns sites SELLING sticky toffee, but the query 'sticky toffee pudding' returns sites with recipes. But hey, that's 'similar intent', right?

    I am personally fine with close variant expansion. My problem with it is the constant stream of trash MS Ads sends my way under the guise of similar intent. It gets old needing to contact support and get refunds every month due to garbage matches. Google expanded their definition of close variants, and it works just fine. Why can't a multi-billion dollar company like MS get it right?

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