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    sh commented  · 

    I'm absolutely L.I.V.I.D

    Few days ago, I created a bing ad account. I have not started running any campaigns yet, and for the life of me - it was disabled.

    I spoke with customer service and I was told it'd go through to the ad 'specialists' to be reviewed and a reply sent within 48hours.

    So the email was sent a day later with this response:

    "Dear so-and-so,

    Due to suspicious activity associated with this account, we will not be reinstating this account. Please understand that we reviewed your case thoroughly before reaching our conclusion.

    As described in the Bing Ads Terms and Conditions, we do not need to state a specific reason for account closure. Please know that we have taken this matter seriously and have thoroughly investigated the issue. This decision is final and we consider the issue closed."


    I'm an honest person trying to do legit business with your company, can't I get a reason to smoothen "suspicious activity" on my side??

    Next fine day, I created another bing ads account and so far so good. I put some $$$ inside and few hours later - D.I.S.A.B.L.E.D

    At least I got back my money.

    Went through another round with the rep, was told again it'd take about 48h++ for me to receive a reply - a reply which I'm not very excited about.

    Read TOS and I couldn't find anything that I could possibly be guilty of.

    Googled this problem and hundreds of people also have the same issue with bing pulling this stunt of not giving any reason - which I'm sure as heck and anyone would try to resolve as reasonably as they could.

    Anyway Bing Ad, I wana give you money and I'm a honest person, please please please tell me how we could sustain a long-term relationship. And when you do get upset, tell me why?

    sh supported this idea  · 

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