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    Gathering Feedback  ·  dareo responded

    We are currently evaluating options to provide an option for non-profits but do not have any definitive announcements to make at the current time.

    Anonymous commented  · 

    I agree but for an additional reason as well. I think that the non profits each have memberships many of which are very large. Microsoft could make as a condition of giving an ad subsidy that the non profit place on its website an acknowledgement of Bing's assistance with a hot linked logo that takes the users to Bing. That will get many searches that oterhwise Google would get.

    Another variant is with the points system Bing is now giving. Amazon has a practice where they allow users to designate 501 (C) (3) non profits to receive a small percentage of the sale -- about 1/2 of 1 percent. What Bing can do is give advertising credits to qualified non profits for the points that their members accrue for searching with Bing. I am on the Board of a Non Profit and we asked all our members that if they were shopping anyway for something that the needed or wanted it, check out Amazon if if they buy something there--our org would get the benefit. This had been a nice source of revenue and I am sure we in turn have gotten Amazon additional sales. THere are many millions of google searchers out of habit who would not switch unles they had a reason to, and helping out their non profit would for many do the trick. The Amazon program is called Amazon Smile.

    I am a long term Microsoft shareholder and it although Microsoft came late, the search service is just as good and in a few ways better. Let's get a bigger market share.

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