1. Bring in Ad Customize which allow us to customize ad content dynamically through a data-set stored in the interface  ·  Merged

  2. add incremental bidding % info to change history report  ·  Great news! It's done

  3. Ability at ad (ad copy) reporting level to be able to pull in the keyword that triggered the ad, with the metric data

  4. Please allow business owners to manage data feeds like reviews, photos and business information from 3rd parties to our Bing Places pages.

  5. It is no longer possible to view competition data for all campaigns at an aggregate level in the UI. Please return this feature.

  6. Create a meta report showing IPs and browsers  ·  Not in our plans right now

  7. Issue with Bing Ads.

  8. Ability to report on Account Level Search Impression Share directly within the interface, similar to Google AdWords  ·  Great news! It's done

  9. For Agency Management, for an Agency to be able to pull a “Master Report” with basic client data.  ·  Great news! It's done

  10. Provide a Google Click ID Equivalent - (It's already behind the scenes as the msclkid param)  ·  Great news! It's done

  11. Ad customizer  ·  Great news! It's done

  12. Restore/ Re-Enable Deleted Campaigns, Just Like AdWords  ·  Not in our plans right now

  13. custom formula columns  ·  Great news! It's done

  14. Make Ad Diagnosis and Preview Tool ACCURATE Instead of Intermittantly INACCURATE  ·  Not in our plans right now

  15. More transparency on "Other Search Terms"

  16. Real time reporting  ·  Great news! It's done

  17. Remove account Immediately for Bing Places

  18. Give us the opportunity to see all searches terms (Now we do not see everything, even in Keywords> Details> Search Term> All)

  19. Allow advertisers to create search term reports with wildcards

  20. Update negative phrase match logic  ·  Not in our plans right now

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