1. Some Mechanism to keep fraudsters at bay.

  2. Enable Auto-Tagging of Destination URLs for Analytics Tracking  ·  Great news! It's done

  3. Desktop tool - Add a "Feedback" feature in the tool itself like AdWords Editor's  ·  Great news! It's done

  4. Ad Intelligence should be built into our tools, not a seperate tool altogether

  5. contact management software helpful for SMEs.

  6. Correct filter in Bing Ad Editor so that account exports can filter for Active Ad Groups within Active Campaigns instead of just campaigns.  ·  Great news! It's done

  7. Tool-tips could be more informative

  8. AdWords account importing: Keep the user logged in, at least during the current session

  9. support free advertising for non profit 501(c)(3) organizations like google with its grant program  ·  Working on it (6 months)

  10. Agency access to credit card information

  11. Do not count some Conversions, under "conversion" column  ·  Great news! It's done

  12. Misleading Reporting Date Range and Time  ·  Great news! It's done

  13. Negative Keyword Conflicts Are Inaccurately Interpreted By Bing

  14. Additional feature for the autogenerated email addresses of paperless billing accounts

  15. Call Extension Conversions  ·  Tell us more

  16. please improve automated mailings for disapprovals and honor flags!!

  17. My week starts on a monday. Allow my week report to start on mondays as well.  ·  Great news! It's done

  18. What Can Any Essay Reviser Tool Really Do and Why We Created It?

  19. Bing Places Online Store For All Listings

  20. Allow bidding by CPA (cost per acquisition) instead of CPC  ·  Great news! It's done

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