1. UTM tagging for all URL's across Bing Ads  ·  Great news! It's done

  2. Can you improve the way of getting in touch with Microsoft Please?

  3. LOST LOVE SPELL CASTER// Spell pay after results+27734818506 Wolverhampton - [ ] City of Westminster

  4. Add conversion metrics to "search terms" view in keywords list  ·  Great news! It's done

  5. Need True Entire Time Statistics Available, Especially for Bing Ad Editor, Not Just 366 Days or 2 Years, Follow Google AdWords

  6. What Strategies Are Used By Our Ecommerce SEO Company?

  7. Just read this chat.....hopefully you'll ACTUALLY READ it, unlike the Chat Rep. who seemed to NOT believe me...

  8. Allow automation with scripts/code snippets  ·  Great news! It's done

  9. Allow agency accounts to create client accounts that can later be taken out of the agency

  10. I need a new category for my business

  11. Some Mechanism to keep fraudsters at bay.

  12. Enable Auto-Tagging of Destination URLs for Analytics Tracking  ·  Great news! It's done

  13. Desktop tool - Add a "Feedback" feature in the tool itself like AdWords Editor's  ·  Great news! It's done

  14. Ad Intelligence should be built into our tools, not a seperate tool altogether

  15. AdWords account importing: Keep the user logged in, at least during the current session

  16. Correct filter in Bing Ad Editor so that account exports can filter for Active Ad Groups within Active Campaigns instead of just campaigns.  ·  Great news! It's done

  17. Tool-tips could be more informative

  18. support free advertising for non profit 501(c)(3) organizations like google with its grant program  ·  Working on it (6 months)

  19. Agency access to credit card information

  20. Misleading Reporting Date Range and Time  ·  Great news! It's done

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