1. Show Data for Impressions, Clicks, Conversions etc. by Gender and Age  ·  Completed

  2. All data under dimension tab is taking too long to load

  3. when using a filter, the graph should just be for the info that is showing  ·  Completed

  4. Allow us to upload our own data,

  5. Bing ads home page shows different BI data than campaign management page

  6. We need to be able to filter a query report for terms we have already added as negatives to save us from checking all the time

  7. Allow Graphs To Shows Data in Daily, Weekly or Monthly segments

  8. Bing's Account Disable, at least customer can view there important data.

  9. "We ran this report, but we didn't find any data to show that matches your criteria."

  10. Collect and allow the exportation of UET tracking data regardless of goal implementation

  11. Increase data set for segmentation in the UI

  12. Aggregated campaign data filter under the Dimensions tab

  13. Keyword Performance provides the exact same data for "Last Week" and "Last Month"  ·  Completed

  14. Provide SOV data for longer than 3-month ago when pulling under Summary view  ·  Completed

  15. Stop hiding adult keyword data from the keyword planner.

  16. Provide usefull data to Google Analytics for Shopping Campaigns?

  17. Optimize Search Queries - Allow Filter for "Added/Excluded" and Add Option to "Add all selected as phrase match (or exact)"

  18. Bing auto-tagging for Google Analytics to include cost data...

  19. under dimensions tab "Publisher Website" is taking too long to load even if there is no data

  20. Fix the UK county data so that counties are provided for selection rather than local authorities

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