1. Reports should inculde the data of conversions time

  2. Export Disapproved Ad Data From The Tools Tab  ·  Completed

  3. Longer Look-back Window for Reporting  ·  Completed

  4. Bug: report for Entire time shows no data

  5. Update BingAds Intelligence to include city/state geographical data.

  6. Showing up Conversion Data in Product Groups within Shopping Campaigns  ·  Completed

  7. keyword research tool - show date range of keyword data  ·  Completed

  8. data retention -- we need to be able to retrieve data going back to the beginning of time. This is bizarre that we can't.

  9. Bing Shopping - Immediate data fetching

  10. Performance Trend graph should be based on the filtered data

  11. Editing Sitelinks Without Deleting Them & Losing Historical Data

  12. Location extension needs to be linked with Bing places data

  13. Does the diagnostics section show keywords that seem relevant to the query you entered?

  14. Appears that recently Exact match keywords are being matched to expanded search queries. This has not been called out to advertisers and I

  15. Import "Custom Parameters" column during business data import from Google

  16. Import "Custom Parameters" column during business data import from Google

  17. When Performing Search Queries, Please Allow a Setting That Allows Us to Stay on the Search Terms Page/View While Switching Ad Groups

  18. BingAds Intelligence Tool data is confusing

  19. Remove information data from reports csv that had gotten by api  ·  Completed

  20. Fix Zeroed Out Performance Data for Entire Time in Bing Ads

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