1. when using a filter, the graph should just be for the info that is showing  ·  Great news! It's done

  2. Poor Payment Response for New Customer

  3. data retention -- we need to be able to retrieve data going back to the beginning of time. This is bizarre that we can't.

  4. Include 0 click queries in Search Term Report for DSA

  5. Provide a Google Click ID Equivalent - (It's already behind the scenes as the msclkid param)  ·  Great news! It's done

  6. Search queries from Cortana and Siri in Bing Ads performance reports

  7. Editor Cannot Download Data on Very Large Account - Increase Size Limit  ·  Great news! It's done

  8. custom formula columns  ·  Great news! It's done

  9. Viewing search terms/performing search queries

  10. Allow Graphs To Shows Data in Daily, Weekly or Monthly segments

  11. Ability to report on Account Level Search Impression Share directly within the interface, similar to Google AdWords  ·  Great news! It's done

  12. Conversion Revenue Reporting  ·  Great news! It's done

  13. Ad customizer  ·  Great news! It's done

  14. Stop dropping words from exact match keywords  ·  Not in our plans right now

  15. Search term query report

  16. Enable modified broad match as Google now has  ·  Great news! It's done

  17. Add an integrated front-end bypass request feature (just like the Google exemption request button). (inline editorial appeals)  ·  Great news! It's done

  18. Provide SOV data for longer than 3-month ago when pulling under Summary view  ·  Great news! It's done

  19. Update negative phrase match logic  ·  Not in our plans right now

  20. Bing's Account Disable, at least customer can view there important data.

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