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Stop dropping words from exact match keywords

Bing has started dropping words from exact match terms and calling it under 'same search intent'. For example, they are dropping PURCHASE intent keywords like buy, order, online, ship, delivery and mapping it to the root words.

For example, the keyword 'buy sticky toffee pudding' will show for the search 'sticky toffee pudding' because they say the intent is the same. The data I have absolutely differs - people do not convert on the root word, or if they do, it's a rate that makes the ROAS exceptionally poor.

Also, Google does not do this. They do not drop words like this.

Here's the reply back from Bing that this is as intended.

I have received a reply from our technical team. They have informed me that this behavior is expected from exact match keywords. I did push back several times to ensure this was accurate information as even I am surprised by this.

The team explained that Exact match can also match to search queries that are minor variations of the keyword. These are considered close variations. Close variant search queries can include singulars, plurals, abbreviations, misspellings, punctuation, accents, stemming, reordered words, synonyms, paraphrases, implied words, and same search intent. ?

In this particular case, the matches fall under 'same search intent'. People searching for 'sticky toffee pudding' on Bing, have the same search intent as 'buy sticky toffee pudding online': {endquote}

This needs to stop - this is not the way to get volume - it's causing the results of clients to degrade and we spend too much time having to chase negatives that we should never have to be adding.

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  • Serena commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Thanks for sharing your concerns! At this time, we have no plans to and don’t foresee rolling back the close variant expansion to synonyms/implied words/same search intent. We closely monitor the quality of all EM at the marketplace level and have seen that EEM CVR is comparable to True Exact CVR, and EEM CTR is in fact slightly higher than True Exact CTR. We're always continuing to monitor and adjust our algorithms to maintain our quality thresholds.

    For those advertisers that are uniquely impacted by the changes, please continue to open support tickets – our engineering team closely reviews the matches and patterns that cause DSATs and takes that into account.

    In the meantime, we’re partnering with our Reporting team to distinguish our close variant matches in the Search Term Report, to better allow our customers/AMs to manage their expected matches and negatives negatives.

  • Anonymous commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I would ask this
    "buy sticky toffee pudding"
    have the same intent as
    "make sticky toffee pudding"

    Clearly one is looking to purchase
    The other looking for a recipe

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