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Over the past year or so, I have made several detailed explanations of deficiences in the Bing interface. I have done this via the Web interface tool and over the telephone. What I noticed was Bing designers were very slow to respond. Not that any of these issues were difficult to fix; they were not. It wasn't a technical problem, it was a listening problem.

For a long time, Bing wasn't Chrome-compatible so it locked out many potential users. And the problem of forcing users to scroll back and forth horizontally was a Web design 101 failure. Waiting for users to have to reach a critical mass of complaints on these obvious FAIL issues is a management failure. These problems should never have existed in the first place.

The problems that now need fixing are mostly a matter of adding control where a variable can be seen. If I can see what the keyword bid is, then I should be able to change it without having to click on 23 other screens to find out where the control has been hidden. This is such a fundamental design issue that it should have already been resolved by the designers.

Fundamental failures of this sort remind me of the old tech support joke of the ID Ten Tee error. When you write that differently, as IDI0T, look at what it spells. Nobody competent needs my input to fix the obvious problems that still exist with the Bing interface. Even an idiot can see what problems can, and should, be fixed.

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Susan Palmer, Bing Ads responded  · 

Thanks for continuing to provide us with your feedback! You should be able to click right on the keyword bid amount in the keyword tab to change it. Can you please tell me more about your end to end experience so I can better understand where the problem is? – Susan


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    Hi, Susan!

    Thank you for your followup. I wasn't looking at the Bing UI when I wrote that, so the example might not be the actual case. I was trying to make the point that, generally, there are variables showing on one screen and you can't change them from there.

    Design tip: If you show it, let the user control it. If I'm looking right at something, I should be able to change it rather than have to click around hoping I get lucky in the next half hour and find it.

    This solution eliminates the need to put controls in logical places (not a Microsoft strength).

    The Bing UI keeps getting better, but rather than wait for people to point out specific issues your team would make improvement much faster by making a list of design principles (If show variable, then show control) and updating everything to fit those principles. A good resource for everyone involved in the UI design is a book called "Don't Make Me Think."

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